The Plural of Prius

Arguably the biggest news to come out of Detroit came from Toyota, who announced a new “family” of vehicles based around the Prius hybrid. So what is the plural of Prius? Glad you asked.

The unveiling of the new family of Prius vehicles was rather to the point, and I can appreciate that. Toyota brought out three models for the photographers to fight for; a plug-in with 13 miles of all-electric range, the larger V with 50% more cargo room, and the “C” concept, a sporty, coupe-like Prius.

The Prius V: Yes, I know its blurry; these photographers are ferocious

I think the strongest vehicle Toyota brought out had to be the Prius V, which answers many of the knocks against the Prius (that is, it’s small and not so useful for a growing family). However, that comes at a significant cost to gas mileage, which drops down to 40 mpg combined (38 city/42 highway). Still, with 34.3 cubic feet of cargo space, seating for five, and actual legroom, Toyota looks like they did good by Prius fans.

The Prius plug-in: 13 miles of electric range, up to 60 mph

Less exciting was the Prius plug-in, mostly because of the Toyota’s limited EV-range. 13 miles is enough for getting around town, or a short commute, but compared to the Volt’s EPA-rated 35 miles it doesn’t look so great. It also makes me question the 60 mph electric range, as the 13 mile electric range will fly by at those speeds. Depending on where Toyota prices it though, it could be a viable plug-in alternative from the $40,000 Volt.

Toyota "C" Concept, a sporty hybrid for the masses?

Then there’s the C concept, which on the outside, I like. Toyota has a strong vision of a sporty Prius, and while I still don’t think I’d drive one, there is a definite appeal towards something with high-mileage and better looks than the egg-ish Prius sedan. But without any hard stats to back it up (it rolled in on a platform) it’s really just vaporware right now.

Which of the new Prius (Prium? Prii?) do you guys prefer?


Christopher DeMorro

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