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Published on November 18th, 2010 | by Christopher DeMorro


Toyota/Tesla Lift Curtain on Electric Rav4

November 18th, 2010 by  

Ever since Toyota announced a joint partnership with Tesla Motors, there has been a lot of talk about a new generation of electric Rav4’s. Well here it is, with a 100 mile range and a planned 2012 launch.

This is in fact the second generation of electric Toyota Rav4’s. The first generation, produced from 1998 to 2003, were sold and tested primarily in California. Toyota sold or leased almost 1,484 of these cars, and 746 of them are still on the road today. Toyota and Tesla will create a fleet of 35 of these “Phase Zero” electric Rav4’s for testing, and plans to roll these cars out to a select few states that have adopted California’s zero-emissions vehicle mandate, starting in 2012

Their goal is to create an electric Rav4 that can go 100 miles on a single charge without sacrificing passenger or cargo space. To that end, they have succeeded, and claim to have built an electric vehicle that operates much like its gasoline counterpart. Acceleration is similar to that of a V6 Rav4, and while it weighs 220 pounds more, handling is about the same as well. Toyota wasn’t specific on the size of the battery pack, saying only that it was in the mid 30’s kilowatt hours. This is the same type of lithium-ion battery pack used to power the Tesla Roadster.

To help distinguish the EV Rav4, it gets special badges and a unique front fascia, grille, and fog lamps. I kind of like the look, but what do you all think?

Source: Green Car Advisor

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  • http://Web Peter Landy

    Most certainly, Since I am the original owner of a 1996 Toyota 4runner the electric RAV would prompt me to buy from the Toyota show room. I find this development most exciting!!

  • http://Web dustin s

    very cool, now make an extended electric fj cruiser with trd off road 4×4 package!

  • http://IfitcomesinAWDor4x4 Kemp

    I commute 80 a day in Ohio. I would love to have the chance to test drive one for a while if it will come with 4×4 or AWD. I drive a 4×4 now due to where I live and the distance I travel in bad weather.

    Nowhere does it state that it will be anything other than a 2WD, though.

    Since we experience such different weather and due to the distance I drive, I could really test the mileage.

  • http://Web David Koontz

    Great idea – however as I live in a city with traditional facilities for gas – I need a solution to the charging problem. I’m in a condo with a parking deck and no electric plugs.

    I need the car to have an exchangeable battery pack – see Better Place http://www.betterplace.com/ . Does the electric RAV have this? If it did AND Better Place has a exchange station (think gas station) near by I could buy one. 100 mile range is wonderful – but I need to “refill” it.

  • http://Web Kevin

    I really like the expansion of the electric car & this new RAV4. But, I wish that the media would focus more on hemp for fuel. It would be away for us to get off of oil and be carbon neutral without changing too much of our infrastructure…

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