Peugeot Previews Sexy Electric Sports Car, the EX1

I love going fast, though thus far my need for speed has only been fulfilled by gas-powered engines. I see electric cars as being able to offer so much more in terms of performance though, thanks to their unbeatable low-end torque. This is why the Tesla Roadster has been a success and is easily recognizable across most of the automotive world.

Automakers seem to be realizing that marketing electric cars as sporty might not be a bad idea at all. The latest offering is from French car maker Peugeot, a electric sports car concept called simply the “EX1”.

Peugeot gets right to the point and says that right now, they have no plans to produce an electric sports car. Which is a real shame. Sports cars usually carry a price premium, and people have historically proven that they will pay more money for more power…no matter what the power source may be.

Still, as a concept the EX1 comes with a lot of goodies for those of us dreaming of clean speed. On display at Peugeot’s showroom in Paris, this two-seater concept is narrow-yet-powerful. The lithium-ion battery pack powers an electric motor that produces 125 kW of power, or about 340 horsepower and 177 ft-lbs of torque. Doesn’t sound like much, but since 100% of that torque is available at 0 RPMs, this concept can supposedly sprint from 0-60 mph in about 3.5 seconds. It also has a top speed of 162 mph thanks to its lightweight and aerodynamics.

This is definitely the direction I want to see sports cars evolve towards. I love my muscle cars, but I am a big fan of lightweight cars that handle well and do more, with less. That seems to be the plan with the EX1, and hopefully down the road this sleek concept will inspire some sporty Peugeot’s.

Source: Automotive News


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