Meet The Contenders For The 1,000 Pound Car


Weight is the enemy of fuel efficiency, literally an anchor weighing our cars down and causing them to consume more gas. Alas, Americans keep demanding more from our cars; more power, more room, more safety, and of course more cupholders. I do not envy today’s engineers who somehow have to fit everything into the car and still make it weigh less than a tank.

What if we could go back to a simpler, lighter time though? Design Los Angeles invited car makers from the world over to build and design a fully-functioning, four-passenger car with modernĀ conveniencesĀ that weighs in at just 1,000 pounds. Meet the contenders.

First up is the Cadillac Aera from General Motors. Yes, GM participated in this design study, and their car is one of the sharpest in the bunch. Decidedly futuristic, the Aera uses a 3D lattice mono-formed frame that optimizes strength and minimizes weight, utilizing designs found in the grouping of bubbles. The Aera gets power from a compressed air engine, and as a Cadillac I expect it would be rather well appointed in the luxury department.

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  • Given that this is a GM, typically, nothing will come of it. All jazz with no substance when it counts.

  • Multiple pages? fail.

  • why do they always have these huge wheels with motorcycle tires in these futuristic concept cars? for one, there is no point in having a tire with a round cross section as the car is not going to lean. also, the strange wheel shape would be more expensive to manufacture and equally has no purpose other than to look “different”. in the end, i see all of these concepts eventually converging to a more normal car if they ever go into production.

  • I can picture Scooby-Doo driving at least four of these jokes.
    Hey, quick question – Where do you place the spare tire?

  • What energy source compresses the air?

  • nice car

  • D. R.

    who would have thought it

  • michaelc

    I can vote to enter THE Ford Model T, (stripped from 1200lbs) and enter a picture so people will at least see -a comfortable looking car? Who would want to ride in one of those? Maybe over there own car.

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