155 MPH Electric Superbus Hits the Track


I write about a lot of fanciful concept cars that I know have little or no basis in reality. Most of these concepts never even make it past the “sketch” phase. Some concepts make it a little bit farther than that, going on to become a clay model. Sometimes, even the most illogical concepts somehow, some way become actual working models… like the electric Superbus.

A cross between an electric supercar and a luxury limo, the Superbus hasn’t just been built, but has actually made its way on to a test track. Is there hope for this wacky concept after all?

I wrote about the electric Superbus, being built by Dutch design students, earlier this ear. The concept is powered by electric motors that provide upwards of 800 horsepower. This horsepower can supposedly push the 20,000 pound Superbus to speeds upwards of 155 mph. In my earlier post, some of you were dismissive of this project, and for good reason. To date, the Superbus has cost £7.5 million, and can hold just 23 passengers. However, these passengers will ride in luxury and speed… if the Superbus actually enters service.

These students seem serious about their creation. While the Superbus hasn’t gone faster than 50mph, they have taken it to the track and tested it. Of course, a 155 mph is rather useless unless you have someplace to go that fast. To me that means the creation of a special highway network relegated specifically to vehicles going 100 mph or more. While it is built from lightweight carbon fiber, I also still have reservations about the range of the Superbus, as well as how long it will take to recharge.

Ideally, I see something like this going super-fast in one direction, dropping off its passengers and recharging while a new group of passengers board. Once boarding and whatnot is done, the bus should be ready to go again. It could be useful for short, quick jaunts between nearby cities, but for long distance travel, a high-speed train still sounds better to me. Plus, tickets will probably be crazy expensive considering the amenities like a headphone, multimedia center, and work desk. Sounds more comfortable than an airplane to be sure.

Source: The Telegraph

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  • For me the concept sounds interesting – but in fact I still can’t imagine how it will work yet.
    Anyways I found a nice video showing the Superbus. It looks absolutely stunning to me!


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  • I find this an likely daydream for Dutch students. They will never have a highway open enough to reach such lofty speeds. Maybe the country could build a superhighway tunnel, like they put their super highspeed trains that are still not running after 5 years. I hope this works out for all involved. God knows they need it.

  • Only expensive until it is mass produced, then it could save economies billions of dollars. People will think about giving up their cars for luxury transport – being able to use their laptops on the way to and from work and being able to get there in half the time of driving their own vehicle. This has the potential to resolve congestion problems for decades and can drive on existing roads – so the infrastructure is already in place

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