Peugeot Unveils 3008 HYbrid4, World's First Production Diesel Hybrid

Although Peugeot’s frequent collaborator, Mini, has chosen to forgo the hybrid-diesel system in favor of improving engine fuel economy in more mundane manners, Peugeot is full steam ahead with their rather interesting take on hybrid technology.

The 3008 HYbrid4 won’t be making its official market debut until next spring, but as the world’s first mass-market diesel hybrid—and Peugeot’s first delve into the world of hybrids—the details that Peugeot unveiled yesterday reveal a company bent on staking a claim in the rapidly expanding hybrid market.

When most of us think of hybrid vehicles, the first car to come to mind is the Prius. The Prius is based on what’s called a power-split parallel hybrid system—one in which the power that drives the wheels of one axle is split, mechanically, between either the electric motor or the combustion engine and transferred through one transmission based on what is the most efficient method given road and driving conditions.

Peugeot, seeking to make a hybrid system that is both less complex and less expensive, has created a through-the-road hybrid system (TtR) in which the two axles are powered by different systems.

In the 3008’s TtR, the front wheels are powered by a 2.o liter, 163 hp diesel engine driven in a conventional manner, and the rear wheels are powered by a 37 hp electric motor. The two drivetrains operate independently of one another. The front axle diesel drivetrain uses an electronically controlled transmission that can be shifted manually or put in automatic mode. The diesel engine is also equipped with a start-stop system that allows it to shut off when the car is stopped at stoplights or intersections, and then immediately start back up again when you press on the accelerator.

At low speeds, the 3008 can be powered by the rear-axle electric motor while the NiMH battery has a sufficiently high charge state, and at high speeds both drivetrains can work in conjunction to provide all wheel drive. Peugeot also says they plan on building a plug-in version of the 3008 diesel-hybrid with lithium-ion batteries at some point in the near future.

Peugeot claims that the 3008 HYbrid4 can achieve 61.9 mpg (US) when rated on the European Combined Cycle. In EPA rating terms, that likely means a mileage of around 15% less (~52 mpg) if the car were to have an EPA window sticker.

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