Are the 1930's Back? Another Fascinating Eco Air Cruiser

For whatever reason, eco-designers seem to have this obsession with environmentally-sound air ships. Are the 1930’s back in vogue? Are there still people out there banking on a comeback for the zeppelin? Apparently so, because I have come across yet another eco-conscious air ship that looks good on paper, and likely won’t ever be more than a twinkle in the designer’s eye.

Called the Eunoia, this helium-lifted airship would be powered by thousands of solar panels and made from reclaimed materials. Looks pretty sleek though, no?

The Eunoia is the brainchild of Thomas Tzortzi’s mind, ripped from the designs of classic zeppelins and updated for efficiency. The initial design seen here would be able to transport just eight people at a time (really, that’s it?). Eventually though, it could be scaled up to carry as many as… 60 people. I’m starting to imagine this more as a futuristic luxury cruise liner than a serious form of alternative transportation.

I still have to marvel at Tzortzi’s skill though. The Eunoia looks pretty good to me, and while I doubt it will ever “get off the ground”, there is no telling who this design may one day influence. For now, enjoy the pictures.

Source: Inhabitat | Images: Thomas Tzortzi

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