Ford Mustang V6 Gets 48.5 MPG Around Bristol Race Track

For a long time, any Mustang other than the V8 was scoffed and/or laughed at, and with good reason. Having driven my 4-banger Mustang across country, I can attest that despite its phenomenal gas mileage, it struggles up hills, lacks any sort of “oomph” and it even sounds terrible.

Ford has countered with a 305 horsepower V6 that gets an EPA rated 31 mpg. To demonstrate the excellent gas mileage of this new Mustang, they went around the half-mile Bristol Motor Speedway 1,457 times…. on a single tank of gas. This means the Mustang got 48.5 miles per gallon. Take that, Prius!

Ford has done this kind of stunt before, with the Ford Fusion Hybrid. But while that had an average speed of around 20 mph over the course of some 1,445 miles on one tank of gas, Ford kicked it up a notch with the Mustang. They maintained an average speed of 43 mph. Where I am from, many of the speed limits are around 45 mph, and by maintaining a constant speed, Ford was able to get the Mustang to go over 48 miles on a gallon of gas. In a Mustang!

It took twelve and a half hours for the Mustang to run out of its 16 gallons of gas at this speed. If you’re doing the math, that means the Mustang went 776 miles on just a tank of gas. This was also part of a contest by Ford, as they asked contestants to submit a guess as to how many laps the Mustang would do. The closest guess would be in the running to win a brand new, 2011 Mustang V6. No word on the winner yet, but hey, props to the Ford team on an amazing feat!

Source: Ford


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