Fiat To Bring MultiAir Engines To Chrysler

Chrysler is in a sad state these days, but it is not beyond saving. Much has already been said about the unlikely alliance between Chrysler and Fiat, though little in the way of new products have been announced. We know Fiat plans on bringing the 500 to America, and there was the Chyrsler/Lancia Delta concept car. But nothing else we can wrap our eyes around.

Fiat has more than just small cars though. They have their own version of variable valve timing, called MultiAir. This system can increase power by 10% while decreasing fuel consumption by up to 30%. It was recently revealed that the MultiAir technology will be making its way into Chrysler cars.

These MultiAir engines come in many sizes, from the Fiat’s 1.4 liter engine to a larger 2.4 liter. The MultiAir system works by controlling the valves and determining how far to open them and thus how much fuel is injected into the engine. Cars with MultiAir tend to see a 3-4 mpg improvement in fuel economy and a 10-20 horsepower bump.

Fiat had already announced that Chrysler would be building the 1.4 liter version for the Fiat 500. I had assumed that Fiat would be bringing this technology to Chrysler cars eventually. What I would really like to see though, in addition to the MultiAir system, is the return for the Multiple Displacement System. This short lived system, available only on Chrysler’s HEMI V8 engines, would shut down four of the eight cylinders at highway speeds. Why couldn’t this be applied to smaller engines as well? Maybe I am hoping against hope, but I think these two systems combined would be quite the one-two punch for fuel economy improvements.

Source: The Motor Report | Image: Fiat


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