THINK Finally Unveils Plans to Sell its City EV in U.S. This Year – New York First

THINK has had a rough road in its long history. Having been on the brink of collapse several times, this little Norwegian company just can’t be kept down it seems. Scrabbling back from the nearly dead, THINK now has plans to start selling its itty bitty City EV in New York and a few other “select markets” later this year.

“New York is a logical early market for the THINK City in the U.S.,” said THINK CEO Richard Canny. “New York ranked third on our EV-Ready Cities Index based on the great fit of EVs for city driving and the strength of state and local government support.”

The City’s lithium-ion battery — capable of taking the car up to 120 miles on a charge — is made in the U.S. by New York’s own Ener1, so it’s a logical fit to start selling the City in New York first. The City EVs sold in the US will be made in Elkhart, Indiana, the first of which are expected to start rolling off the assembly line later this year.

As a minicar designed for the urban environment, THINK has always said they they will target large cities with a dedication to installing the appropriate charging infrastructure. On THINK’s original “EV-Ready Cities” list, New York and Chicago were tied for 3rd place, while LA and San Fran were in the top two spots. Given that the west coast is shaping up to be a battle ground for the EV crowd, it makes sense for a smaller company like THINK to focus on markets where the other big players haven’t targeted as much yet.


Nick Chambers

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