Porsche Cayenne Hybrid Makes U.S. Debut, Will Start at $67,700

Although luxury hybrids will never really make a dent in the changes we need to solve our problems, they are a part of the solution too — no matter how small. Plus, they create a lot of high profile attention for the green car industry. And if you are well-off and concerned about our global environmental, security, and economic issues — any of them — luxury hybrids make it possible for you to buy what you’re, ahem, accustomed to, while still towing the line.

Enter the Porsche Cayenne Hybrid. Although there are no official fuel economy estimates yet, Porsche did set the pricing at the 2010 New York Auto Show… and while a starting price of $67,700 may seem like a pretty penny, it actually is less than the Cayenne turbo, which starts at more than $100,000. Porsche expects to get official EPA fuel economy numbers later this year, but said that the Cayenne Hybrid will deliver at least 23% better fuel economy than the base model.

You can expect the Cayenne Hybrid to hit showrooms later this fall.


Nick Chambers

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