Supercar Legend McLaren Will Concentrate on Efficient Cars and Hybrids

2010 could go down as the year of the green supercar… prototype. Most every high-end automaker has either rolled out a hybrid concept, like the Porsche 918 and Ferrari KERS hybrid, or at least plans for some kind of more fuel-efficient supercar.

Well now you can add McLaren to that list. The famous maker of the once world’s fastest supercar, the McLaren F1, is pledging to produce the least carbon emissions per horsepower of any other car for sale anywhere.

That is an awfully lofty goal for an automaker best known for its superfast F1, which got about 12 mpg… on the highway. With its light weight of just 2,800 pounds, when new the 627 horsepower F1 could reach a top speed of 240 mph. So not exactly a brand one might expect to be concerned with gas mileage. Who buys a supercar and then asks about its fuel efficiency?

Still, I like that McLaren is trying to go green, and to help get to their goals they are concentrating on weight. The lighter the car, the easier it is to propel. Weight is the enemy of fuel efficiency, so cutting back the pounds should produce good results. McLaren also hired a hybrid engineer last year; could they be the next supercar maker on the rotating stage with a hybrid model to flaunt? We shall see.

Source: AutoBlogGreen | Image: McLaren


Christopher DeMorro

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