Aston Martin Expects Cygnet Minicar to Help Boost Sales 30%

Luxury and supercar makers the world round are trying to find ways to remain relevant in a world ever more obsessed with going green. Ignore, for a moment, that all the luxury and supercars sold each year make up an insignificant fraction of all cars sold worldwide and that somebody who has $300K to plunk down on a car likely doesn’t worry about how fuel-efficient their new car is.

The fact of the matter is, in the wake of the econopocalypse, luxury and supercar makers have faced some of the worst sales numbers ever and even their largely real-world insulated clientele are starting to show a preference for sustainable technologies.

Some companies, such as Porsche and Ferrari, are addressing the problem by using green technology to make their cars perform even better. Some, like Rolls-Royce, are debating whether or not to go electric. And then there’s Aston Martin.

Aston has taken a Toyota iQ and dressed it up with all the usual Aston leather, wood and attention to detail and then called it the Cygnet. The result: a $75,000 Toyota iQ. Aston is betting on the Cygnet to help it revitalize sales and has constantly defended the strategy saying that their customers want a city car that has the luxury of an Aston. Only time will tell if that strategy works, but I’m having trouble seeing it. Even so, Aston thinks the Cygnet will be such a success that it will boost overal Aston sales by more than 30% this year.

Mind you, that’s not much of a stretch when the company only sold 4,000 cars last year.

Source: Autocar


Nick Chambers

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