Ferrari Video: Under the Hood With the 599 HY-KERS Hybrid System

Earlier this month, Chris brought you the official Geneva Auto Show unveiling of the Ferrari 599 HY-KERS hybrid show car. Although not as breathtaking or groundbreaking as the Porsche 918 Spyder plug-in hybrid unveiled at the same show (Ferrari must have been cursing under their breath at having the limelight stolen), the 599 HY-KERS is also an impressive work of engineering.

To show off how their hybrid system works, Ferrari has put together a short video. The car is essentially a full-on Ferrari 599 with batteries and an electric motor strapped to the drivetrain. The HY-KERS portion of the name simply refers to the fancy regenerative braking (KERS=Kinetic Energy Recovery System) taken from F1 racing. The KERS tech proved to bulky and heavy to work well in F1, but it’s fine for a regular Ferrari.

Check out the video for an enlightening view of how the HY-KERS system works under the hood.


Nick Chambers

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