Lexus Hints that CT 200h Will See Simultaneous Global Launch, Including US

Last week I brought you word of the impending release of an all new dedicated Lexus hybrid at the end of this year, the CT 200h. Although Lexus has previously said the car will get a “global launch,” it has been unclear whether that “global” will include the US.

Our friends over at AutoblogGreen are reporting that their “men on the scene” in Geneva have adamant and convincing words from Lexus executives that “the United States and Japan will receive the CT 200h, even if it was developed as a euro-centric model.”

Although mostly rumor at this time, it is good news for those of you Americans hoping to get your hands on the compact lux hybrid. Also, since my last post on the car, Lexus has said that the CT 200h will be able to drive in pure electric mode for about 1.25 miles at speeds less than about 25 mph.

If it does reach US shores, I’m incredibly curious to see what the pricing is. The CT 200h represents a whole new class of car–the compact luxury hybrid wagon–so there is no precedent for what consumers are willing to pay for such a beast.

Source: AutoblogGreen


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