Lexus Thinks Compact LF-Ch Hatchback Hybrid Would Sell in U.S.


Although the Lexus booth at the 2009 LA Auto Show was rather devoid of inspiring next-gen green automotive technology, I did make a quick stop by to look at their traveling LF-Ch exhibit. The company has put together a display that’s supposed to help figure out what styling cues show attendees like best about the concept hybrid hatchback by giving them the ability to take pictures of the car and upload them to a database. It actually was one of the worst-executed interactive displays I’ve seen in a long time. Needless to say, I decided to pass up the interactivity.

But, hokey auto show displays aside, the LF-Ch concept—which made its official debut at the Frankfurt Auto Show—is actually kind of a cool looking car. And it marks a clearly new direction of thinking for Lexus; it’s the first compact hybrid concept from the automaker that’s geared towards the younger Scion crowd—reflecting a trend in the luxury market towards a smaller scale and outreach to young urbanites.

While the LF-Ch is technically a concept car, its design is more like that of what could be a real production model and Lexus has basically said that it plans on producing and marketing the LF-Ch sometime in the next couple of years. According to recent reports (subs. req’d), Lexus division General Manager Mark Templin has even come right out and said that he thinks the LF-Ch hybrid concept should be turned into a production vehicle and sold in the United States.

Although Templin would not give a specific timeframe until production of the LF-Ch might commence, he did say that Lexus would be the first to bring a product to the newly minted compact luxury dedicated hybrid market.

Source: Automotive News (subs. req’d)

Image Credits: Lexus


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