Biden to Announce Fisker Will Build Plug-Ins at Old Delaware GM Plant


Last week, Fisker Automotive co-founder and CEO, Henrik Fisker, said that his company would very shortly be announcing where project Nina—the company’s upcoming $48,000 plug-in hybrid—would be built. The statement led to all sorts of rumors, but speculation had been growing that the chosen manufacturing spot was a closed GM plant in Delaware.

At the time it seemed like the statement got way more coverage and attention than it deserved. It’s like me saying “I’m going to tell you soon when I’ll be writing about Fisker’s announcement”—it means nothing. The real news is when I write about Fisker’s announcement, not about when I write about the announcement of the upcoming announcement.

So I ignored the news.

But now it all becomes clear why there was this air of mystery about the announcement and why Fisker thought it was important to “announce the announcement”—so to speak.

Tomorrow, Vice President Joe Biden will visit a closed GM plant in Delaware—his home state—to make a “major announcement” about the closed plant’s future. Clearly the Fisker announcement and Joe Biden’s visit hold more than a passing coincidental relation. And, following suit, reports circulating around the internet strongly suggest that the closed plant will reopen as the manufacturing site of Fisker’s upcoming project Nina—set to reach the market in 2012.

I’m still not sure why the announcement is big enough news that our Vice President has to make it, but I guess Fisker has some big political friends (and they did recently get half a BILLION dollars in stimulus funds). Anyway, it’s a marketing coup—one that surely will not go unnoticed by Fisker’s main competitor, Tesla Motors.

Source: Reuters

Image Credit: Fisker Automotive


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