Lamborghini Hybrid Coming In 2015

Lamborghini is known for many things; sexy sounding V12 engines, outrageous, egregious bodykits, and low fuel efficiency (often in the single digits). But a hybrid?


Even supercar makers are getting into the green game. Hot on the heels of Mercedes announcement that the famous gullwing would return as an all-electric supercar, and Ferrari’s plan to unveil a hybrid of their own at November’s L.A. Autoshow, Lamborghini is now planning a hybrid of their own.

The hybrid system will likely work the same way most other popular hybrids work, propelling the supercar at low speeds while a V10 or V12 takes over for performance applications. I have to ask, why not have the electric and gas motors working in tamden? Electric motors provide instant torque internal combustion engines can only envy. An all-electric launch system would be awesome, and having the ICE engine kick in at 20-30 mph would save a nice bit of gas as well.

But really, does Lambo need to go green? Or is this just another ploy? If anyone can afford to try out new technologies it is supercar makers like Ferrari and Lambo, so why not something a little more bold than hybrid? How about a hydrogen supercar? Koeniggsegg already makes a supercar that runs on E85 biofuel (and makes more power than its petrol-powered cousin).

The hybrid Lambo isn’t due out until 2015, so I guess all options are still on the table. I am just hoping to see something outrageous, because after all, that is what Lamborghini does best.

Source: Popular Science


Christopher DeMorro

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