Seattle Recognized as Global "E-Visionary" City

And the winner for the best sustainable vehicle infrastructure in America is…Seattle? Last week, the World Electric Vehicle Association (WEVA) honored Seattle Mayor Gregory J. Nickels, for the town’s commitment to developing clean, efficient and sustainable modes of transportation. This prestigious award was given during the 24th International Electric Vehicle Symposium in Stravanger, Norway. Other winners of the E-Visionary Award were London Mayor Boris Johnson and Osaka Prefecture in Japan.

Why the surprise? Well, in my somewhat narrow world, the two cities I always hear about that are leading the way in developing electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure are San Francisco and Portland. And wouldn’t you know it, the mayors, Gavin Newsom, San Francisco, and Sam Adam, Portland, of these two fine towns have been engaging in a verbal repartee on this very site.

But this award is much broader than just EV infrastructure and Seattle has quite a sustainable portfolio. When Nickels was told of the award, he said in a news release, “From light rail to street cars to electric vehicles, Seattle is proud to lead the way in reducing the impact of transportation on our climate.”

Here are just a few of Seattle programs:

  • The city will be launching a light rail on July 18, 2009. (Hey, Mayor Nickels, let me know if you want me to be one of the first to take a ride.)
  • The city touts a modern streetcar line that was launched in December 2007 and is in the process of expanding to complement its electric trolly line.
  • The city, in conjunction with U.S. Department of Energy is testing plug-in electric vehicles (PHEVs).
  • The city has been selected by Nissan as one of the first to be introduced to the all pure electric five passenger car in 2010. In addition, Seattle will promote and development the electric vehicles and the charging infrastructure.

We at Gas2.0 can never get enough so we reached out to Mayor Nickels and he will be writing a guest article for us next week so don’t miss it.

You know, its great to see the West as a corridor for sustainable transportation leadership. But wouldn’t it be great if the next E-Visionary Award given by WEVA would be in say the Midwest? Whoop there it is. The Heartland has just been challenged to join in developing sustainable transportation initiatives.


Joanna Schroeder

Joanna is a writer and consultant specializing in renewable energy and sustainable agriculture issues.