Hyrdogen-Powered RX-8s Make Their Way to Norway

The Scandanavians are a resourceful lot, and they have to be, having inhabited one of the most inhospitable regions on Earth for centuries. They have given us Vikings, demonically infused death metal, and of course, Nokia. But hydrogen-powered sports cars? Well technically, those are coming from Mazda, in the form of their rotary-powered RX-8 sport coupes. But the first examples of these wunderkin are being shipped off to Norway for field testing, as Norway is the first country to have built an extended hydrogen-based infrastructure to support these cars.

HyNor, a 360-mile strech of highway between Oslo and Stavanger, is a national project with the goal of bringing hydrogen-powered cars to the forefront of the green initiative. Hydrogen is not only the most abundent element in the universe, but it is the only mode of propulsion that is truly zero-emissions.

Unfortunately, creating an infrastructure around an element that is difficult to transport has proved problematic, but Mazda and Norway have joined forces in an attempt to make hydrogen a priority. Whats more, they aren’t placing hydrogen engines in some hum-drum Mazda 3, but rather the sporty RX-8. How the RWD will handle Norways snowy winters, I don’t know, but Mazda plans to begin leasing the cars this summer for extensive testing. The first step on a thousand mile journey…

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Christopher DeMorro

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