Better Place: Shai Agassi on Gavin Newsom's Radio Show

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If you missed the discussion last week, we had the Mayors of two major cities—San Francisco and Portland—weighing in on electric vehicle charging infrastructure. In the coming weeks, we’re looking forward to hearing from other cities about their plans for EV infrastructure, but we also wanted to make sure the private sector had a chance to chime in.

Today, we’re happy to present a guest post by the CEO of Coulomb Technologies, an industry leader in EV charging infrastructure. In the post, CEO Richard Lowenthal discusses the importance of smart features you can only get with a networked charging grid.

By chance, the CEO of major competitor Better Place (Shai Agassi) appeared on SF Mayor Gavin Newsom’s radio show over the weekend. Both Coulomb Techologies and Better Place are in the business of providing the infrastructure to recharge electric cars, but each company is taking a fundamentally different approach.

Coulomb is primarily interested in providing “ChargePoints,” which are individual electric car charging units, whereas Better Place wants a “total solution” that completely eliminates range anxiety by offering both charging units and fully-automated battery swapping stations.

The topic is considerably complex, so we’re looking forward to hearing more from these industry leaders.

Listen to the interview with Shai Agassi here: 

Gavin Newsom 05-02-09.mp3

You can also listen to Mayor Newsom’s Green 960 radio show online or subscribe to his weekly policy discussions on iTunes.

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