Mitsubishi Preparing to Sell More Electric Cars Than Planned


New insight into the potential market demand for pure electric cars is forcing Mitsubishi’s President, Osamu Masuko, to accelerate the production timeline for the company’s all electric iMiEV. The company is now targeting 50% more sales by 2011 than originally expected.

The iMiEV will be initially offered to fleets in Japan this July. The company will follow initial Japanese fleet sales with sales to the public. Subsequently, public sales will begin in Europe by 2010 and the US shortly thereafter. During a discussion of the company’s most recent financials, Masuko announced that they now expect to sell 15,000 iMiEVs in 2011 (up from previous predictions of 10,000 units).

By 2013 Mitsubshi expects to sell 30,000 iMiEVs, leading to the prospect of the car becoming profitable that year as well. Mitsubishi is attributing the new targets to unexpected “oversees demand,” most likely from the US.

Source: Automotive News

Image Credit: Mitsubishi. President Osamu Masuko stands next to the forthcoming iMiEV.


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