Electric Motorbike Does 0 to 60 in Under One Second!


While riding an electric motorcycle powered by cordless-drill batteries, Scotty Pollacheck made drag racing history for the second time. He went from 0 to 60 mph in less than a second!

The KillaCycle® — originally designed and built in 1999 –uses a series of more than 1,200 batteries to power two motors which crank out 500 bhp. The bike can reach a jaw dropping 168 mph.

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All this gives the driver a G-force three times more than that faced by a skydiver during freefall!

“The powerful nano-phosphate battery cells are what makes the the bike go as fast as it does,” said racing  team owner Bill Dube. He added, “If you think about it, the KillaCycle is just a giant cordless drill with wheels.”

So it is not suprising the KillaCycle has won the title of the world’s fastest battery powered vehicle. Those looking to disagree should know the bike cleared a quarter mile track in under eight seconds.

Dube says the secret of the bike’s speed is the battery cells, which are made by A123 Systems. These NanoPosphate batteries are game changer for electric vehicles.

The bike can be fully charged in four minutes and is charged by wind-powered generators. Nice! On a full charge the bike can seven runs down a quarter of a mile drag track.

“The KillaCycle is the result of years of effort. It was the first electric vehicle to break the eight seconds barrier in drag racing in November 2007,” says Dube and that “it was the first electric powered vehicle of any kind to go over 150 mph in a quarter of a mile in August 2000.”

Dube said the team is now working on a version of the KillaCycle which will be capable of producing an incredible 1,000 bhp.

Source [Daily Mail] Photos [KillaCycle.com]

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