Th!nk Thinks Portland is a Nice Place to Build Electric Cars

On the heels of a Nissan electric car press conference in Portland Monday, yesterday Norwegian electric car manufacturer Th!nk was wooed by Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski and US Senator Ron Wyden as the place to site an electric car manufacturing facility.

Th!nk’s North American CEO, Richard Canny said that the company was also considering 7 other states as potential locations for such a facility. During a ramp-up phase the factory would employ about 300 people and at full production that number would jump to 900 people.

This is the second day in a row Portland has taken the electric car limelight. In a seemingly aggressive push to make Oregon the electric car capital of the world, Governor Kulongoski has lined up three separate events this week to get Oregon solidly on the EV map. Along with Monday’s Nissan press event and yesterday’s Th!nk event, Kulongoski’s office has announced a third electric car event to be held on Thursday with an as yet undisclosed electric car manufacturer.

As reported in the Portland Tribune, Th!nk CEO Richard Canny indicated that he thought Oregon would be a really good place to do business and that he “got the message” from Oregon that it was ready to dive into the electric car world.

“Somebody in this country is going to be in the position to have a lot of electric vehicles coming out of their state,” said Senator Wyden. “Oregon is in the lead for that.”

Th!nk has been in the news recently due to its financial difficulties, but Mr. Canny indicated that he was confident that Th!nk will make it through its current financial problems and raise the money to build a factory in the US.

Th!nk has previously announced that it will begin selling its flagship car, the Th!nk City, in the US by 2010 for a price under $20,000. The car reportedly has a range of around 100 miles on a single charge. Th!nk has also announced plans for another, more practical car, the Th!nk Ox.

Source: Portland Tribune


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