First International Electric Motocross Sets Guinness World Record

First International Electric Motocross Sets Guinness World Records And Only Cost $100 To Power All 10 Dirt Bikes For 24 Hours.


History was made this past weekend at the 24 Hours of Electricross race when 10 teams, of over 50 competitors, raced for a full-24-hours-straight only stopping to change out batteries and riders.

This first ever endurance competition set two Guinness World Records: one for largest electric motorcycle race, and the other for the furthest distance traveled on an all-electric off-road motorcycle in 24 hours. In total, more than 4,000 miles were completed around the half-mile track.

Amazingly, only $100 of electricity was needed to power all ten motorcycles!

“This event proved that electric technology can endure the same level of competition as their gas-powered counterparts, however, the power resources to compete are drastically different,” said Neal Saiki, inventor and founder, Zero Motorcycles. “From New Mexico to Canada to the UK, teams traveled from across the globe to participate in this record-setting race and to be a part of history. Everyone from lifelong motorcyclists to environmentally-conscience trend setters”

The event took place in the heart of Silicon Valley at the 408MX Motocross Track in San Jose, California. And after 24 hours of non-stop racing, team HotChalk came out on top with 1,015 completed laps — just over 500 miles!

“The 24 Hours of Electricross, hosted by Zero Motorcycles, was the perfect event to showcase what electric motorcycle technology can accomplish. Our team worked very hard to win this race and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the outcome,” said Edward Fields and Bryan Stolle, co-captains, Team HotChalks MDV.

The 151-pound motorcycles run on two-hour batteries with zero emissions and zero noise. The battery uses a patent-pending process to store enough juice for a 40-mile ride in a package that only weighs 45 pounds. Also, it is about 100 pounds lighter than its gasoline equivalent would be.

Saiki gave CNET a tour of the 2009 Model Zero X motorcycle which uses a high-output lithium ion cell, which is said to be completely nontoxic and environmentally safe. In fact, Saiki says “you could literally eat the salt crystals in the battery pack if you wanted.” I suggest NOT doing that.

“This is the future of racing,” Saiki said.

Source [Wired]


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