Italdesign: The Fastest Hybrid in the World is Coming to Geneva

Italdesign, the Italian design firm responsible for the development of dozens of Lamborghini, Maserati, and Alfa Romeo production cars over the past 40 years, has announced plans to bring what it calls “the world’s fastest hybrid” to this year’s 2009 Geneva show, which will also be hosting the debut of the hotly-anticipated ethanol Bentley supercar.

Photos and speculation after the jump.

French news site “Le Blog Auto” thinks that the single sketch on the Italdesign site (shown, above) has similar proportions to last year’s Quaranta concept, and longtime fans of Italdesign will be quick to point out that other Italdesign cars (like the recent Alfa Romeo Brera) were often developed very publicly before making the transition from showcar to limited production vehicle – so they may be on the right track with this one.


Add to that the fact that Italdesign was heavily involved in the engineering of the Toyota Alessandro Volta concept car (and that Toyota was rumored to be seriously considering that car for production a few years ago) and it seems pretty reasonable to assume that Italdesign is serious about building an exotic hybrid!

Enjoy this selection of Quaranta photos, below, and CLICK HERE for the full 28 photo gallery on Le Blog Auto.

Image Credits: Sketches and photos by Italdesign and Le Blog Auto, respectively.


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