The 2010 Toyota Prius is the New Black at the Oscars


Four statues from Academy AwardsThe iconic image of celebrities emerging onto red carpets from stretch limos may become Hollywood history, and while flickering flashbulbs and expensive outfits may endure, ever more Hollywood elites are favoring a green carpet rolled out instead.

There are few moments in A-listers’ public lives as unscripted and vulnerable as a march from the car to the Oscar awards — a gauntlet of cameras, impromptu interviewers, paparazzi and home viewers all ogling the stars as they make their way toward the relative safety betwixt two giant golden statues.


That can make for some embarrassing publicity nowadays, when many fans are sniffing rarefied Hollywood air for the slightest scent of celebrity hypocrisy. In a town ever more dominated by an eco-conscious culture and actors, rolling to the biggest awards show of the year in a gas-gulping stretch limo can make for a bad scene.

While the measure of a star’s impact can be found in hand prints in Hollywood cement, many are now counting an actor’s ecological footprint as part of that legacy as well.

So for those stars wishing to reduce their awards-show consumption, promote the cause and stay in environmentalists’ good graces, the latest Prius is the transportation of choice to this year’s Oscars.

The 2010 model may be an unexpected star at the awards, shuttling Oscar goers to and from the red carpet.

The new Prius may well be worthy of the title “tribrid,” as the car is equipped with a roof mounted solar panel to further enhance its fuel sipping ways. Tom Hanks, Leonardo DiCaprio and Rosario Dawson are among the big names who might take advantage of the new solar assisted hybrids this year.

The cars would be provided by Econation, a ground transportation company whose fleet is comprised of fuel efficient vehicles including taxis, town cars, limos and buses. Toyota and Econation are teaming up to offer the new Prius to Oscar goers.

Toyota is aggressively promoting its hybrid side, seeking to corner more of the market share with a slew of new hybrid models slated for release soon and over the next few years. Among the models will be plug-in versions.

Image Credit: Cliff1066‘s Flickr Photostream under a Creative Commons License

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