Electric Car Plows 4 Feet of Snow!

Having just hibernated for half a month in freezing Minnesota…

..I was easily swayed by Nick and Sasha’s recent arguments that those treehuggers unfortunate enough to live in such inclement climes should just give up altogether on electric cars and settle for the alternative vehicles powered by liquid compressed natural gas that Pickens pushes in his plan.

(In my weakened state I could almost understand that security blanket SUV mentality because it is so frightening being at the mercy of such a climate. You want the sense of a great deal of protection against being stranded and even dieing of exposure to the elements. Maybe batteries are weak in cold climates?)

But then I saw this electric car do this sturdy little trick on the You Tubes: George Clooney’s tiny Tango EV really just charges right out of the garage and shovels the snow right out of its way!

Check out this amazing video:-


Amazing stuff, huh?

It has about the size and shape and the dogged determination of one of those meter-maid electric vehicles that come down your street and give you tickets for parking too long.

However, with its top speed of 150 MPH (see it smoke a Tesla, even), like many EVs, it can go much faster than the meter maid. And plow snow.

150 miles per hour

40-160 mile range (depending on your battery choice)

0-60 in 4 seconds

Contact:the inventor dad and son team to place a refundable deposit on yours.

Well, actually, currently; only George Clooney can afford one.  Some big auto company should go into partnership with them to bring the price down. I see that GM turned down an offer like that in 2002.

But a lot of things in the auto industry have changed in 2008. And an EV that plows snow is certainly different.

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Photo by Ryan Brenizer


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