Dyson Is NOT Making An Electric Car, A Report from London


It’s Not True

No matter how careful we are, every once in a while a story comes along that was taken out of context, everyone bought it, and now we must say, we’re sorry!

The Dyston Company is not making an electric motor that could drive an electric car, as we reported just a short time ago with this post:  “Dyson Plans Solar Powered Car”

After seeing the first story concerning the denial, I was getting wary of any such report.  In these many years I’ve seen one misstep after another and decided to go straight to the source, Dyson in the UK.

There, I spoke with Sarah Mason in the Public Information Office, and she gave me this statement..


That’s it, straight from the Dyson headquarters in London.

We try very hard here to bring you the best and most accurate information, but sometimes it backfires and I regret having given you the wrong information.

Thank you for trusting Gas 2.0 and the Green Options Network.


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