Sorry Bush, Voters Think Investment in Renewable Energy is the Best Option

President Bush

After hearing President Bush blame Congress for our country’s high gas, food, and energy prices yesterday, I still wasn’t convinced that drilling in ANWR would solve all of our problems (note: sarcasm).

It turns out that voters, at least according to a poll of 1,200 Americans conducted by Peter D. Hart Research Associates Inc., feel the same way.

Not only did fifty-seven percent of voters rate energy issues as “very serious” concern, but they also thought investment in renewable energy was the best solution:

What is the best way to solve America’s energy problems? According to 51 percent of voters, the answer is to invest in renewable energy sources; 28 percent call for energy efficiency and conservation policies; and only 17 percent favor more drilling and mining for domestic fossil fuels.

This wouldn’t be a bad thing for potential presidential candidates to take into account, even focus on, if they can afford to be so bold. I can guarantee it will be at the top of my list of voting criteria.

For more, see yesterday’s post, Bush Blames Congress for High Electricity, Food, And Gas Prices.



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