Audi TDI Place Second in European LeMans

I’ve posted in the past about a possible hybrid LeMans car and performance diesels, but today there is some actual news on some non-gasoline race cars from Audi. As reported by AutoBlogGreen, Audi recently took second place in their first showing with the diesel-powered cars in the European LeMans (this is after having raced these cars since 2006 outside of Europe).

Sure, a diesel engine isn’t that much different from a gasoline engine, when you really get down to it (in terms of environmental impact in racing), but it’s interesting to see a shift from the traditional thinking in auto racing. As we all know, sometimes an idea has to hit the limelight before it hits the showroom floor, even if it is more practical.

So what do you think? Is this a good thing or is racing just racing, no matter what fuel is used?


Benjamin Jones

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